Этика публикации научных статей

  • - we accept only authentic manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere and/or have not been accepted for publication in other periodicals;

  • - Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes does not publish information about material which is suspected to be looted;

  • - When deciding whether to accept/reject a manuscript, the editor questions authenticity and importance of the received manuscript, its compliance with the topic of the journal, its uniqueness, clarity and relevance of research;

  • - the editorial office guarantees that the decision-making process is free of any racial, gender, sexual or religious prejudices and is not biased by the origin, nationality, social status or political preferences of the authors;

  • - the editorial office guarantees full confidentiality in the process of submission, processing and reviewing of manuscripts. Non-published manuscripts cannot be used for personal purposes or transferred to any third party;

  • - the editorial office shall coordinate any amendments, changes and/or cuts of the text;

  • - the editor and the publisher shall answer every petition regarding the reviewed or published manuscripts. Also, in case of any conflict, they will take every necessary step to remedy the infringed rights;

  • - the editors and the publisher shall admit faults and, if necessary, shall publish corrections, clarifications, disclaimers and apologies;

  • - the editors’ opinion may not always be consistent with the opinion of the authors.

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