Reviewing Ethics

  • - The editors shall ensure confidentiality of the review process and inform the reviewers on strict ethical principles to be observed in reviewing process;

  • - Reviewing is anonymous. Reviewers receive anonymous manuscripts. Negative reviews are sent to the authors without signature and name of the reviewer, his/her function or place of work. Any breach of anonymity is only possible if the reviewer reports on falsification or fabrication of matters addressed in the manuscript, or in case of plagiarism;

  • - The reviewer shall provide objective and well-grounded evaluation of the research findings. No personal criticism is acceptable;

  • - The reviewer who does not have, in his own judgment, sufficient qualifications to do the evaluation, or cannot be objective (for instance, when there is a conflict of interests with the author or his/her organization), shall inform the editor thereof and request not to assign him/her with reviewing of this manuscript;

  • - Positive reviews are not a sufficient ground for publication. The final decision on feasibility of a publication shall be upon the editorial board.

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