Manuscript Submission

“Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes” is an international reviewed journal on archaeology and adjacent disciplines.

It is a quarterly journal coming out in Russian and English. All articles are reviewed and supplied with abstracts in English and Russian.



Manuscripts shall be submitted by the following dates:

Vol.1 (February) – no later than December 1 of the current year
Vol.2 (April) – no later than February 1 of the current year
Vol.3 (June) – no later than April 1 of the current year
Vol.4 (August) – no later than June 1 of the current year
Vol.5 (October) – no later than August 1 of the current year
Vol.6 (December) – no later than October 1 of the current year


Any manuscripts submitted after the above dates may be published in the next volume of the current year (if the matter addressed in the article matches the topic of the next volume). The submission date is the date when the editor receives its final version, rather than a draft version.

In some exceptional cases, in agreement with the editors, the submission deadlines can be prolonged to the maximum of three weeks.

Please observe strictly the following editorial requirements and ethical principles in your submissions.



Please check that you submit the full set of documents along with your submissions:

1. Declaration&Submission Form is mandatory for all authors and confirms your consent to requirements and conditions of publication in our journal. Please fill in the form here or requested by email to The editors shall not accept any submission without this accompanying Form;
2. Text in MS Word;
3. References;
4. Illustrations include: drawings, photos, tables/graphs with original files used to build them.

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