Please, do not include in the text of manuscript, abstract an keywords must be included in the Declaration & Submissimon Form.


Abstract (how to write)

An abstract is a source of information on the main content and findings exposed in the publication; it makes reading the full text redundant, should the reader have no primary interest in it; it is used by information systems to search for documents and information.

An abstract shall be:

  • authentic, comprehensive (reflecting the main content and findings exposed in your paper), well structured;

  • concise (150 — 200 words or 800 — 1500 characters with spaces);

  • written in proper English.

Your abstract shall contain the following aspects of your work:

  • subject, topic and aim of your paper (these should be mentioned, unless fully exposed in the title of the paper);

  • research methods (you should define them if they are a novelty and are interesting in view of your paper);

  • findings (main results, your conclusions, genuine discoveries);

  • you may supply your conclusions with recommendations, assessments, proposals, hypotheses, as described in your paper).

You should avoid when writing your abstract:

  • any phrase that duplicates the title of your paper;

  • common wordings, redundant introductory phrases (for instance, the author of the article considers...), complex grammar constructions;

  • commonly known arguments;

  • information of historiographic nature, unless these make the main content of the paper, titles of earlier published papers.


Keywords (how to write)

Keywords shall disclose the following aspects of your submission: region, chronology, subjects, special terminology.

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